Two days after the 30 major-league teams completed a season in which they hit a record 6,105 home runs, the four Giants officials who conducted Tuesday’s postmortem news conference at AT&T Park acknowledged how badly their team missed out. Homer-starved fans in San Francisco would have liked to hear executive vice president Brian Sabean and general manager Bobby Evans say, “We’re going to scour the free-agent and trade markets for a bunch of big boppers so we can join the fun.” Instead, in laying out the blueprint for refurbishing a 98-loss team and being competitive in 2018, they said the Giants have to be true to who they are. Yes, they need to bolster the middle of their lineup, which was as scary as a puppy this season, but that is not Priority 1. “We don’t want to get too far away from our game,” Evans said. “We’re a pitching-and-defense team. If we compromise too much in the area of power and give up too much defensively, that can hurt us as much as the benefit of adding the power.” Sabean echoed the thought: “Lord knows, everybody wants power, and I know Bobby and his staff are desperate to figure out how to add that, but there’s a huge emphasis, past and present, on timely hitting. That’s how we’ve done things here.” Defense will be the keyword this offseason.