Giants fans want a quick resolution to the Matt Cain contract extension talks, and the A's want the Giants to cede territorial rights to San Jose as soon as possible, but comments from Giants President Larry Baer suggest that neither is imminent. In his first visit to spring training as the Giants' top executive, Baer said Saturday that the Giants are committed to completing a long-term deal with Cain. "We care about all of our players, and our homegrown players carry some special qualities," Baer said. "There are guys, as we move forward, we're going to put a lot of energy into, and he's one of them." But nothing that Baer or Cain said suggests they are near the finish line. "We're listening to anything of fair value," Cain said, reiterating he would like something done by the end of spring training. "I think both sides would like to have something resolved, whether it's signing back or whether it's not," he said. When Baer was asked if he thought the team and Cain might find common ground on what they perceive as "fair value," he said, "To be determined." That catchphrase also has covered the A's proposed move to San Jose for years. When Commissioner Bud Selig said recently that the territorial rights issue was on the front burner, an agreement finally seemed rising. Most observers assume the A's and Major League Baseball will reach a financial settlement to pay the Giants for the rights to San Jose.