Much was made this week of the statement released by Giants ownership, in the aftermath of another horrible loss, giving embattled coach Ben McAdoo a vote of confidence to finish the season before further evaluations are made. McAdoo has been at the center of the storm in New York, but league sources said ownership is troubled by the state of the team's personnel as well, and expected changes in 2018 won't be limited to the coaching side. The Giants recent drafts and free-agent signings are providing little productivity in what quickly became a lost season for a franchise that entered the season with Super Bowl aspirations. McAdoo has received most of the attention for his remarks with the media at times and divesting himself of playcalling duties, but this is being viewed as a collective failure in the highest reaches of the Giants organization and one that likely merits an array of changes. The statement released mentioned McAdoo by name, given the speculation about his job security and the fact that it is coaches -- and not general managers -- who are most often relieved of their duties in-season. But that should not be taken as a sense that others are not equally as under review.