The San Francisco Giants have been monitoring former Giants legend Tim Lincecum‘s pitching progress for a couple weeks and are expected to join several other teams when Lincecum has a showcase for teams in Seattle on Thursday as he attempts a comeback. Reports have suggested Lincecum has been topping 90 mph regularly in workouts, and his old team has had its eyes on him as they weigh whether to bring back the two-time Cy Young winner. Many others teams are expected to join the Giants for the pitching session this week. The Giants and Lincecum, still only 33, have maintained a very good relationship since he left the organization, with the team even allowing him to pitch on its grounds in Scottsdale, Ariz. on occasion, and it appears the team that won three World Series with Lincecum an ace of its staff is seriously weighing a return. The Giants have made significant moves to shore up a couple of weaknesses in their lineup, but would still appear to have one spot open in the rotation and some bullpen spots less than solidified, as well. The Giants are not opposed to giving their old stars comeback chances; they brought back Pablo Sandoval after he failed with the Red Sox, and though Sandoval continued to struggle back in San Francisco, he is being penciled in as a backup on the infield this year to newly-acquired third baseman Evan Longoria and first baseman Brandon Belt, who is returning following a season cut short by concussion issues.