Brandon Marshall says he's done some "soul-searching" in the weeks following season-ending ankle injury, scaling back on some of his outside pursuits and recommitting himself to football. Why? Because the Giants' veteran wide receiver has a specific goal in mind. "I'm all in on football. I've rebuilt my body. I think I'm two great years away from - and I'll say it, I want to be a Hall of Famer," Marshall said Thursday in his first public comments since suffering a season-ending ankle injury in the Giants' Week 5 loss to the Chargers on Oct. 8. "I think I've got two great years to go, to be measured with some of the greats. I'm not just playing this game just to be a guy. I want to be remembered for the product that I put on the field." The main question now is whether he will get another year here. Marshall is under contract for another season, but there are no guarantees the Giants will want him back once their new general manager and head coach take over. Marshall did not play particularly well when he was on the field this year, and the Giants would save $5.1 million in cap space if they cut him this spring. Marshall said he understands the team could release him, or demand he take a pay cut. Marshall didn't rule out the possibility of accepting a cut to stay on Thursday, but he didn't seem thrilled about the prospect either. "One, it's not about the money for me. I've done well, my wife and I. We've done a great job. So it's not about the money. I'm good for life. My kids are good for life. But I'm back to kind of like my beast, bullish Brandon Marshall ways," he said.