Get all three of them out there healthy running free and easy two split wide another in the slot Eli Manning taking the snap and scanning the field as he would a menu choosing from an appetizing feast consisting of Hakeem Nicks Victor Cruz and Rueben Randle. The Giants will take their chances with that scenario week after week as long as Randle holds up his end and hits the accelerator on his development. “It can be great’’ Randle told The Post. “It’s going to be hard for defenses to deal with. We all out there healthy playing up to our capabilities I can’t see any team really stopping us.’’ That’s the plan. Randle is one of the young talented players the Giants are counting on this season. He is just 22 years old the same age as running back David Wilson and both high draft picks (Wilson first round Randle second round) had flashes as rookies but also plenty of struggles. Wilson is set to step into Ahmad Bradshaw’s vacated starting role. Randle doesn’t have to make such a quantum leap but he certainly appears ready for ascension as after nearly a week of camp he has been a breakout star. “He seems to be more serious more intent’’ coach Tom Coughiln said. “He had a lot to learn in that first year and it looks like some of the messages are getting through.’’ Nicks slowed by a strained groin in camp and also coming off knee surgery must prove he can get his body in good working order to once again join Cruz in a receiving tandem that was dominant during the run to Super Bowl XLVI. Randle has all the skills to crash the party and become a No. 3 target as effective as Mario Manningham was perhaps even more so. Randle does not possess Manningham’s speed and zigzag ability but he is bigger and could be more consistent. He also has a rare ability to leap and get the ball at its highest point.