Jerry Reese is not happy with the 19th overall pick in the NFL Draft. “We don’t like picking 19,’’ Reese said. “That is early for us. We hate picking this high.’’ Sitting at No. 19 is 13 spots higher than the Giants general manager wants to be. A year ago, Reese was thrilled to take running back David Wilson with the 32nd pick in the first round. Last is the place to be because that means you won the Super Bowl the previous year. This time, the Giants select near the middle of the first round, an appropriate landing spot for a 2012 team that bumped along at 9-7 to finish just out of the playoffs. “Hopefully we can get a player who can come in — I always say this [about] your first three picks — you want those guys to come in and contribute for you right away,’’ Reese said. “Hopefully you will get a couple of starters out of them. So hopefully we will get a good player at 19. I think we will.’’ Anyone who caught just a glimpse of the Giants last season realizes they need help on defense, after finishing 31st in the league and setting a franchise record for most yards allowed. A strong case can be made the Giants are in need of upgrades at linebacker and cornerback and even at defensive end, once a position overflowing with talent.