Big changes are inevitable in a regime change, and the Giants are no exception.

In the first of what could be many such moves, the Giants fired eight of their 20 pro scouts Tuesday, including some who have been with the organization for more than two decades and provided invaluable information during the club’s three World Series title runs.

The most recognizable names are Brian Johnson, of 1997 home run fame, and Steve Balboni, both of whom served as pro scouts for the past 10 seasons and were relied on heavily during the 2010, 2012 and 2014 postseasons.

Johnson lives in Detroit and saw the Tigers a lot in 2012. Giants officials credited the intelligence he provided with helping them sweep Detroit in the World Series.

“We had a good run,” Johnson said by text. “No bitterness at all. I am grateful for my time with the Giants. Ten years. Loved it.”

Others let go include Matt Nerland, who has been with the Giants for 31 years and once served as scouting director; Darren Wittcke and Glenn Tufts, both of whom had more than 20 years in the organization; and Andy Skeels, Bob Mariano and Tim Rock.