There will be no more “non-standard customized facemasks in the NFL.” But Justin Tuck will still have his signature look. The NFL began reminding teams in June that all visible game-day items worn by players – including facemasks – had to conform to league rules and those rules include limits on facemasks mandating a maximum of four horizontal bars and three vertical bars. That has forced players such as Colts DE Robert Mathis to change their looks unless they apply for special medical exemptions. Tuck won’t have to get rid of the intimidating extra-barred facemask he said because he has a medical exemption; the facemask protects his neck he said. “They actually didn’t ban mine” Tuck said. “Mine wasn’t a fashion statement some people told me. I did mine as a necessity. So I think as of right now I’ll still be wearing that facemask.” Tuck added that “I really don’t have any comments on why the rule is in place.” Tuck was sporting that custom facemask on the field Tuesday and he practiced in full for the second straight day. The back tightness that kept him out of Saturday’s preseason opener in Pittsburgh seems to have dissipated and he said his back felt “great” on Tuesday. Tom Coughlin said he “would anticipate” Tuck playing on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. Receiver Hakeem Nicks who also practiced Tuesday will also likely play.