After the New York Giants set quarterback Daniel Jones up to fail in his first three seasons in the NFL, they opted to make a head coaching hire that could help him take the next step in year four by bringing in Buffalo Bills‘ offensive coordinator Brian Daboll as Joe Judge’s successor.

Daboll, who is the Giants’ fourth head coach since the start of 2016, built an esteemed reputation for turning the Bills’ offense into a top five unit in the NFL across the past two seasons.

Another impressive achievement on his résumé is the work he has done to develop Josh Allen into one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Once upon a time, Allen looked like a mediocre starter in his first two seasons, but after his 2019 campaign, Daboll helped him make adjustments to evolve into an elite signal caller.

The Giants are hoping that Daboll will be able to see similar results by working with Jones, who has shown flashes of promise throughout his career. And although Daboll doesn’t expect Jones to become Allen 2.0, he intends to put him in a position to be the best version of himself.

And as far as comparing the two quarterbacks, Daboll believes this is unfair and recognizes that he and Jones have a long way to go based off the work he had to put in with Allen.

“I think it’s unfair right now,” Daboll told NFL Network’s Good Morning Football show on February 1. “Josh and I were together for four years. It took a village to help Josh — credit first goes to Josh Allen and his abilities and his desires and his competitiveness. We got a long way to go.”

In the meantime, Jones intends on reaching out to Allen in the near future to learn more about the success that the Bills’ quarterback and Daboll endured together.

Luckily, Jones and Daboll are on the same page. Jones isn’t going to try to be Allen, he recognizes that he has his own skillset and potential to unlock. But Jones will still need all the help he can get in order to prove to the Giants that he is a franchise quarterback. And starting a conversation with Allen proves that Jones is willing to listen to different perspectives that will help him take a jump in his level of play.


So what might this conversation between Jones and Allen touch on?

“I think just kind of general stuff on how they made it work so well.