At this time a year ago, the confetti barely had stopped falling along the Canyon of Heroes. But time moves quickly in the NFL and the salary cap waits for no one. The Giants yesterday parted ways with two more key players from their Super Bowl-winning team, purging the roster of running back Ahmad Bradshaw and defensive tackle Chris Canty. The salary bloodletting began on Tuesday with the release of linebacker Michael Boley — who, like Bradshaw and Canty, was a starter and major contributor as the Giants stormed to victory in Super Bowl XLVI. The Giants did not make the playoffs this past season. Bradshaw, Canty and Boley often were not healthy or at their best, and financial constraints trump sentiment every time. Cutting Bradshaw saves the Giants $2.75 million off the salary cap, Canty pares $6.5 million, and with Boley’s $4.5 million cap savings, the Giants shaved $13.75 million in a two-day roster upheaval. The 2013 cap is projected to be $121.1 million, and the Giants are now believed to be at $118 million. They will need every penny, and more, to start re-signing many of their own 19 unrestricted free agents, plus restricted free agents such as Victor Cruz and running back Andre Brown. Of the three, Bradshaw resonates most deeply with the Giants and their fans. He is a two-time Super Bowl-winner and, in many ways, was as much a part of the fabric of the offense as Eli Manning. Bradshaw still is young — he turns 27 on March 19 — but the Giants see him as older than his years, because he has taken a pounding on his bad feet. Bradshaw showed up last week in New Orleans with a boot on his left foot, as he underwent yet another surgical procedure two weeks ago to insert a longer screw into the two fractures in his foot. “I’m very confident I’m not done,” Bradshaw said on WFAN. “I feel I can be a good part of anybody’s offense.”