Following the formal end of the Milwaukee Bucks' practice Sunday at the University of California's Haas Pavilion, players went off to separate areas of the court to get some extra work in. The usual three-point shooting game got underway, D.J. Wilson and Joel Bolomboy did some one-on-one drills with Vin Baker, and other players claimed other work spaces around the gym. One of those groups included Giannis Antetokounmpo, Thon Maker and assistant coach Sean Sweeney, which took a side gym at halfcourt and spent more than a half hour talking and doing some light shooting. It was business as usual. The only reason any of that is noteworthy has to do with Saturday's game against the Utah Jazz. After the game, video surfaced of Antetokounmpo yelling threats at Sweeney on the bench during the second half before being held back by teammates. It was an intense moment, but there were no residual effects Sunday as they got back to work. “That’s what me and Sweeney do," Antetokounmpo said, later pointing to Sweeney grinning across the gym and remarking that Sweeney is usually loath to crack a smile. "You always fight with your brothers. It’s something common. Me and Sweeney we’re so tight. He always speaks the truth to me and I always speak the truth to him. We’ve done this in the past, just this time it was caught on national TV.