Miami Marlins megastar Giancarlo Stanton met late this week with two of the most aggressive teams in pursuit of him, but while there’s a report a trade could happen in “two or three days,” sources familiar with the talks suggest that is quite a hopeful estimate. Though the Marlins are surely comfortable they can make trades with the Giants or Cardinals, people involved in the talks insist that at least as of today, there’s nothing close to being finalized. That could mean Stanton still has some reservations about those two teams, that he’s still inclined to wait to see what the presumably-preferred hometown Dodgers say or that something else entirely is delaying a deal. It isn’t known whether Stanton has concern about a state tax situation, and he hasn’t said anything about it, but his taxes would go up dramatically with a trade almost anywhere from Miami, and that’s especially true if he’s traded to a California team. Stanton personally met with contingents of both teams in Los Angeles this week, and it’s hard to imagine that these two excellent franchises didn’t do an excellent job putting their best foot forward. However, people with ties to Stanton, who has a full no-trade clause and has said nothing aloud about his team preferences, suggest he’s had some reservations about those teams — or at least that he did before the meetings. And while those people also said he’s more likely to accept San Francisco than St. Louis for geographic reasons, they also say the Dodgers are his clear no. 1 choice – important since the ball’s completely in his court and he has no time pressure. Stanton is from the Valley and currently has a home in the Hollywood Hills.