Tricky thing about the sun. If you’re standing on the planet Earth during the daytime, that giant ball of burning gases has a decent chance of impacting your life, one way or the other. “The sun is always there,” Brett Gardner said. “It doesn’t move.” Give Gardner an A-plus in astronomy. And we figure a C-minus to leftfield candidate Giancarlo Stanton for his rocky debut at the position — mostly for repeatedly getting blinded — during Sunday’s 9-1 loss to the Rays at Steinbrenner Field. The Yankees already had a rightfielder named Aaron Judge when Brian Cashman pulled off the heist of the offseason and traded for Stanton. When the National League MVP essentially drops in your lap and you convince the boss that $260 million is pennies on the dollar for a 59-homer slugger, the position stuff can always be sorted out later. That moment arrived Sunday, with Aaron Boone giving Stanton his first major-league start in left — he played there in five games for Double-A Jacksonville — and Judge in right. Gardner was in center, where he was too far away to bail out Stanton on two fly balls that probably would have been caught by someone like, say, Gardner. The first was a long drive by Jake Bauers in the second inning, and Stanton seemed ready to snare it while running into the gap. But at the last moment, with his glove raised, he had to look away and the ball clanged off leather for a double. In the fourth, Kevin Kiermaier hit a high, slicing shot that Stanton didn’t appear to see very well before it hopped over the fence for a double.