The Kings, at least publicly, did not make an issue of Dave Bolland's massive third-period hit on center Mike Richards. The question is whether the Kings will retaliate in Game 2 on Sunday night. Richards had the puck behind the Hawks' net when Bolland charged in and leveled him. Bolland appeared to leave his feet before contacting Richards' chin with his back/shoulder area. Richards got up slowly and, appearing dazed, returned to the bench and leaned over the rail. Bolland will not face a disciplinary hearing with the NHL for the hit, the Tribune learned late Saturday. "I just came in and hit him," he said, downplaying it. "It's a quick game. It's a hard-hitting game. … You get hit. It happens. It has happened to me." Bolland was out nearly six weeks with a concussion in 2011. Richards was not made available to the media after the game, but Kings center Colin Fraser said his teammate "looked fine to me. He's a tough guy and plays a tough game." Most of the Kings said they did not get a good look at the play.