Steven Gerrard turned down a chance to join Bayern Munich last summer deciding to stay at Liverpool the only club he’s ever known until the end of his career. Now the Red’s captain is hoping his loyalty to Liverpool will rub off on Luis Suarez. The Liverpool midfielder decided to stay at the Merseyside club and become the club’s longest-serving captain instead of moving to Germany’s wealthiest and biggest club reports the Liverpool Echo. Yes Gerrard turned down a chance to play for the team that went on to not only win its domestic league title and domestic cup but also went on to dominate last year’s Champions League in favor of sticking around for another rebuilding season under another new manager. That’s loyalty. Now Gerrard is trying to pass on some of his loyalty to reportedly want-a-way forward Luis Suarez who he believes should stick around the confines of Anfield for at least one more season or until Real Madrid or Barcelona come calling. “I had a chance to leave last year. It was for a club in the Champions League not a Premier League club but I wasn’t tempted. I’ve been through that before” Gerrard told The Liverpool Echo. “My message for Luis is that he will get many more chances to move on. I just think a player of his calibre should wait for the big ones to come” Gerrard continued. “He deserves to maybe play in one of the best teams in world football in Barcelona and Real Madrid and they will come calling for him again.”