Losing is hard. This season will be hard. Some players don’t like to take that lying down though. After the Celtics surrendered a 22-point lead in the final 18 minutes of last night’s game, Gerald Wallace made his opinion felt after the game about what happened. “We got selfish. Instead of worrying about winning the ball game we were more worried about our stats and getting points. It showed. We went from a team that was together and moving and playing together in the first half to a team that was five individuals out on the court, everyone playing for themselves, and it showed on the defensive end,” Wallace said. So why did the it happen? “I don’t have a clue. You gotta ask everybody in here. I don’t have a clue. I really don’t understand it. I’m trying to figure out what’s more important, winning or padding your stats. This was a game we were supposed to win easily, without even the starters playing in the fourth quarter. Instead, we got selfish as a team. We didn’t move the ball, we let the ball stick instead of pushing the ball, and their second unit came in and they handled us, and we didn’t really know what to do.” Wallace wasn’t the only one with harsh words for his teammates. Jeff Green put the onus on himself. “It all starts with me,” said Green. “I’ve got to take the initiative to stop things like that. I can’t allow our team to go in that direction. I take responsibility for that. Next game, we’ll do better.”