Gerald McCoy says his daughter was a victim of racism while at school recently, and the veteran defensive tackle is furious over the way the school’s administrators handled the incident. In a series of videos he shared on Instagram, McCoy explained that some young boys were playing “Truth or Dare” when one of the boys was dared to go up to his 12-year-old daughter and call her the N-word. McCoy says the boy was “bold enough to do it,” and he ended up being suspended from school for one day. However, the longtime Tampa Bay Buccaneers says school officials did not call the McCoy family to inform them about the incident. “You would think that they would inform us, but that is not what happened,” McCoy explained. “We were informed by my daughter. It wasn’t until my wife had to email the head of the school and ask what happened and why we hadn’t been informed. The head of school said, ‘Well I was going to investigate, then let you know.’