Gerald McCoy isn’t done playing football.

Yet here we are in April, with the first and second wave of free agency having come and gone, and McCoy is a man without a helmet.

He is in San Diego, rehabbing from a painful tear to his quadriceps tendon, and waiting to play any role for any NFL club that wants a 33-year-old, six-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle who hasn’t taken a meaningful snap in more than 470 days.

“For me, I just love this game so much, it’s still fun to me,” McCoy said Monday by telephone after working out with trainer Todd Durkin. “I love competing. I just know what my mindset was going into last season and I don’t want an injury or what the NFL deems ‘age’ to be a derailment and finish like that. I know I can still be an asset to a team, whether it’s sparingly, as a starter, in the locker room, whatever it is. In training camp, a mentor to the young kids.

“I just know I have so much more to give this game, even if for a short period of time.”

A year ago, McCoy had everything he wanted. He had signed a three-year, $18.3 million contract to play for the Dallas Cowboys. He was close to his family home in Oklahoma. A member of America’s Team with playoff hopes and prime-time games in his future.