Yesterday the Braves made the decision not to issue those toy foam tomahawks to fans in SunTrust Park and said that they would not play the Tomahawk Chop music if or when Cardinals reliever — and Native American — Ryan Helsley came into the game for the Cardinals.

It all ended up being much ado about nothing, of course. For one thing, they still played the damn Tomahawk Chop music, even when when they were down by a dozen runs, which is rather pathetic.  For another thing, fans, many of whom brought their own foam tomahawks, still did their whooping, again, even though the team was in a hopeless hole out of which it had no chance of climbing. For a third thing, Helsley didn’t even appear in the game, so there wasn’t even a moment when, if the fans wanted to chop and whoop, the team might do anything less than lustily encourage them to do it. He didn’t need to come into the game, of course, because the Braves pinched off one of the worst performances any team has ever given in postseason history.

You’d think that’d be enough to put any whining on the part of Tomahawk Chop dead-enders to rest, but nah.