Georgetown star sophomore Otto Porter Jr. has decided to forgo his final two years of eligibility and enter the NBA draft. "My coaches and teammates got me prepared, on and off the court, as a human being," Porter said Monday on Georgetown's campus in Washington. "I'm prepared to take on the world. ... The toughest part is knowing you have to leave a place like this behind." Porter said he plans to prepare for the draft at Georgetown and return there to complete his degree. He has not signed with an agent. "He's ready," said John Thompson III, Georgetown's coach. "I mean that as much mentally, emotionally, as it relates to basketball. I thought he went about the process in an educated manor and didn't make a rushed decision. ... In our many conversations, I made it very clear to him, 'You don't have a bad choice.' " Thompson said people he has spoken to in the NBA have been impressed with Porter's versatility (including an ability to play multiple positions) and his work ethic. "A lot of people come into this -- a lot of players -- with the notion of 'I want to leave as soon as possible.' They enter college, they walk in the door thinking about walking out the door. That has never been the case with him. ... "On draft night, we don't expect him to be sitting around too long." Entering the season, Porter's parents knew their son had pro potential, but they said they'd let him focus on the season before making the decision to go pro or stay in school. He went home to talk to his family after Georgetown's season ended with a round-of-64 loss to No. 15 seed Florida Gulf Coast in the NCAA tournament, and he spoke with his coach while mulling over options these last few weeks -- before ultimately deciding it's time to go pro. first reported that Porter would declare for the draft earlier Monday.