It took the better part of two years, but Nuggets coach George Karl finally coaxed his old friend back to Denver — even if it's only temporary. Tim Grgurich, a Nuggets assistant from 2005-10, is back in town and attended his second game, Friday night against the New Orleans Hornets, since returning to the team in a consulting role. At practice Thursday and at the shootaround Friday morning, it was like old times. Grgurich bounced around from player to player, chatting, rebounding for free throws, talking to coaches and sometimes standing off to the side and observing. Karl has tried to get Grgurich back into the organization in some capacity since he left in 2010. And while this is temporary return — only a few games — Karl couldn't be happier to have the calming influence and basketball smarts of one of his best friends in the business. "He gives me eyes, the pulse of the team," Karl said. "Someone to give me another opinion on where he thinks we need to go and what steps (to take). There's still two or three small steps of progression this team needs to make and your time in practices gets shorter. So having him prioritize here in the next week or two is important." Since leaving town, Grgurich has consulted for a few teams — including the Dallas Mavericks when they won the NBA title in 2011. He spent time with the Portland Trail Blazers too.