When the Golden State Warriors, a No. 6 seed, took down the third-seeded Denver Nuggets in the first round of the 2013 playoffs, it was a big deal. The Nuggets were the best home team in basketball that season, going 38-3 at the Pepsi Center with 23 straight home wins coming into the series. The Warriors lost Game 1 and All-Star David Lee to a torn hip flexor. The series was supposed to be over just as it was getting started. 

Instead, Stephen Curry broke out as a playoff superstar, and Andre Iguodala, then playing for the Nuggets, has been vocal about his affinity for the coaching of then-Warriors coach Mark Jackson, who instilled unmitigated confidence in his young team and allowed them to play freely. Iguodala wanted to be a part of that, and sure enough, he signed with Golden State that offseason. 

But was he working for the Warriors before he joined them? At the time there were rumors that Iguodala was leaking information to Jackson about how the Nuggets were trying to, shall we say, rough Curry up.