They entered simultaneously; Geno Smith from one sideline Darrelle Revis from the other. Cheers for the new Jets quarterback jeers for the old Jets cornerback. Cheers every time Geno Smith showed them the future jeers every time Revis reminded them of the past on his treacherous island. And when the Jets 18 Bucs 17 roller-coaster ride had ended Sunday you couldn’t help but conclude the Jets will need their new quarterback more than they will need their old cornerback. You couldn’t help but think that whether Mark Sanchez has a partially torn labrum or a dislocated shoulder it shouldn’t matter anymore it is time for this crazy ongoing quarterback competition to end. Smith (24-for-38 256 yards 1 TD 1 INT 80.6 QB rating) should no longer be viewed as the Quarterback of the Future. He is the Quarterback of The Future Is Now. Of course there will be growing pains — a fumble and an interception in the first half — but let’s see the kid grow during this rebuilding season. He has a presence of mind and composure beyond his 22 years and beyond what Sanchez has displayed the last two years and the kind of mobility (team-high 47 rushing yards) that can extend plays and get him out of trouble. He apparently thought the fourth quarter of his first NFL game was just another season opener against Marshall. “I love playing with a team like this” Smith said “because you don’t have to go out there and try to be Superman.”