Even the eerily calm John Idzik must have felt his heart skip as he saw his prized rookie quarterback Geno Smith limping off the field heading toward the trainers. Smith’s first career NFL game and he already was hurt. The rookie had taken an awkward fall hurting his right ankle in the process as he scrambled away from pressure in the third quarter of the Jets’ 26-17 preseason loss in Detroit on Friday night. Shortly thereafter it appeared the Jets simply had suffered a scare. Smith said he rolled his ankle and that an X-ray had turned up clean. Walking to the podium to speak to the media he barely had a limp as he wore an electronic stimulator on his right leg. “I told the trainers I want to go back to practice on Monday and I expect to play in our next game” Smith said. “We’ll take it day by day. It feels a bit sore right now but I’m pretty sure it will get better.” The QB said he was in “complete disbelief” when he felt pain. “I was just hoping that it isn’t anything significant which it isn’t” he said adding that had it been the regular season he would have “definitely” gone back on the field. “I’m the type guy I’m not going to walk off that field unless they pull me off of it” Smith said. The rookie’s ankle injury adds a new wrinkle to the Jets’ quarterback competition. Just a couple of days of lost practice could kill Smith’s chance at winning the starting job for Week 1.