New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith boarded a Los Angeles-to-Fort Lauderdale, Fla., flight Friday afternoon for a trip home, but he never got off the ground. Smith was involved in a dispute with a male flight attendant over his headphones, left the plane and was questioned by airport police at the gate, according to multiple sources. Smith was seen on a TMZ video leaving the airport on his own and then stepping into a limousine that arrived to pick him up. He wasn't arrested, and police didn't file an incident report, according to Sgt. Belinda Nettles, the public information officer at Los Angeles International Airport. It didn't take long for the altercation to hit the Internet. Within minutes, there were photos on Twitter of Smith speaking to police officers at the gate and a video of him walking out of the terminal. While declining to confirm or deny that the person questioned was Smith, Nettles said police "responded to an incident on board an aircraft. The subject was questioned and released." Smith wasn't removed from the plane by police and he didn't have to be escorted out of the terminal, according to Nettles. "Police didn't go on the aircraft," she said. "The subject already was at the gate [when they arrived]." The altercation was triggered when a Virgin America flight attendant asked Smith to remove his headphones, according to a person familiar with the situation. Smith didn't immediately respond because he didn't hear the flight attendant, the person said. The flight attendant unplugged Smith's headphones and "threw them down," telling the quarterback he was a "threat" and asking him to leave the plane, according to the person. Smith requested to speak with police, the person added.