Thank goodness for Amanda Kessel, and for good timing. Fuzzy on the rules, strategy and approach to the Gatorade NHL Puck Control Relay, an event that contained new components from years past, Calgary Flames forward Johnny Gaudreau barely caught the demonstration of the event by Kessel, a member of the U.S. Women's National Team and sister of Pittsburgh Penguins forward Phil Kessel. Then, all of a sudden, he was first up, managing a time of 24.650 in the event, which was part of the 2018 GEICO NHL All-Star Skills Competition at Amalie Arena on Saturday. "I didn't really understand what we were doing at first, with the three holes there," Gaudreau said of the gates that contained three openings through which players had to shoot or push the puck. "Thankfully I saw the demonstration -- I almost missed it because I was still in the locker room -- but I saw the ending of the demonstration and I went with my gut there." But he had no idea how well he'd done. Because it was an event with new components, it was difficult to judge what exactly was a good time. He watched as his competitors went through the course, which was comprised of three skills, stickhandling, cone control and those gates.