All eyes are on the Florida Gators this weekend as Dan Mullen tries to become the first former assistant to take out Nick Saban. Top-ranked Alabama goes into Gainesville as the SEC's marked team riding the nation's longest winning streak against the Gators' two-quarterback look of Emory Jones and Anthony Richardson.

Former Gators star and ESPN college football analyst Tim Tebow was asked Saturday which quarterback gives Florida the best chance to upset the Crimson Tide.

"I think it's both of them, by the way both of them have fantastic numbers in No. 5 and No. 15," Tebow said on SportsCenter. "Both of these guys can really play. Anthony gets a lot of hype and he should. He's an incredible freak. God gifted him. This dude is 6-4, 235 and he can run around you and run over. If he's ready to go, he can give Florida a huge boost.

"Also, we have No. 5 in Emory Jones. He's a playmaker. He might not be getting the same hype, but he's a very accurate passer. One of the problems he's had so far is against zone and specifically drop eight of hesitating just a little bit and throwing into that zone. So if Alabama is going to do some different things like Nick Saban has done in the past to confuse him, Emory needs to get it to his checkdown. If he's not seeing it, that's okay, use your athletic ability and make a play. I think this team is better when both are playing because they add something different to the team."