To: Chip Kelly CC: Chip Kelly's Ego c/o: Bill Reiter CBS Sports Guys, This letter has been a long time coming. Both of you -- Chip, and Chip's overgrown, massive Ego -- have done some amazing things together. Right up until you guys broke into the National Football League, you two were an incredible pair. Together, you helped revolutionize the game. The two of you rose from obscurity at New Hampshire to what became an Oregon powerhouse to, finally, the NFL. You arrived in the league with monikers like "genius" and "game-changer" and "brilliant." Right up until you went ahead and failed, spectacularly, each of you leading the other to humiliation. Chip, let's start with you. You're a great coach. Great. An Xs and Os savant. That's not under dispute. And we get why you always looked at your Ego and saw a ready ally. He's big, he's bold, he's out of control -- and, until you guys ascended to the top of the football ecosystem, he never steered you wrong. His flaws were also his strengths. Deep belief is great in true geniuses, and you are one, Chip. But here's the thing: Your Ego always made you seem smarter than you are. Yes, you went 10-6 your first two years in the NFL -- years where the Eagles and owner Jeffrey Lurie looked brilliant because they'd plucked you out of the college football ranks. Thing is, Chip, you weren't as smart as you thought. Because that voice whispering in your ear that you were smarter than everyone else just made you look stupid. Really, really stupid. And you know what? You're not a dumb man. Clearly. You just got some bum advice, and it's ruined you, at least at this level. Remember in 2015, when you wrestled control of football operations away from general manager Howie Roseman? That was the beginning of the end.