The Los Angeles Lakers practiced in "The House that Dwight Chose" on Wednesday, preparing for their upcoming game against the Houston Rockets at the Toyota Center that now features a giant poster of Dwight Howard on the front of it, complete with the tag line, "A new age." A little more than four months ago, it was Staples Center that had Howard's photograph plastered to the side of it, accompanied by the message, "Stay." The former three-time defensive player of the year left, of course, and so the Lakers were again left rehashing the memories of what went wrong last season. "He made his decision and felt like that was the best choice for him and so you respect him for it and that's it," Lakers forward Pau Gasol said. "A lot of things went wrong last year for sure. There was a lot of adversity. Nothing really clicked. So it was a tough year for everyone. Not for one individual. Pretty much for the entire team it was a tough year to go through." One relationship that did not click, in particular, was the one between Howard and Kobe Bryant. Howard told reporters in Los Angeles on Monday after the Rockets played the Clippers that he and Bryant no longer speak to one another. Bryant told reporters during the team's media day back in September that he didn't "really give a s---" about Howard's decision anymore and delved further into the subject Tuesday during an interview with NBA TV. "We have two different personalities," Bryant said. "There's a certain way that I believe you have to approach the game in order to win championships. He had a different way that he felt like would be best and because of that it was tough to see eye to eye on [a] daily basis."