The moment Pau Gasol walked off the floor, he heard a roar from the Staples Center crowd that suggested more than just a sendoff marking the end of a season. It could also mark the last time Lakers fans will see him wearing purple and gold. "There is a sense that might happen," Gasol said following the Lakers' 103-82 Game 4 loss Sunday to the San Antonio Spurs. "That is not something I have thought a lot about. I always try to play my best as if it is my last game. I am very thankful for our fans and the support they show." Gasol nearly choked up when he said those words, but it remains to be seen whether the Lakers front office will feel just as nostalgic. The Lakers' offseason mostly hinge on Dwight Howard's future. If he stays with the Lakers, he would receive $117.8 million over five years. If he signs with any other team, he will get a four-year deal worth $87.6 million. Meanwhile, the Lakers could shed Gasol's $19.3 million left on his contract through a trade or the amnesty provision. Does Gasol sense his future hinges on what Howard does? "They will try to get Dwight and extend him. That's why they brought him here," Gasol said in an interview with this newspaper. "But I don't think everything is set in stone in the sense that if he stays, I'm definitely gone or if he goes, I'm definitely here. Ownership has to answer that."