While Ryan Dempster spent the trade deadline in the offices of Cubs' management, Matt Garza was far removed from the drama. Garza spent the day at his wife's side in a hospital as she gave birth to their fourth child, Summer Grace. Whether or not he was going to be traded was the furthest thing from his mind. "I was knee deep in 'wait,'" he said Friday before the Cubs opened their West Coast trip against the Dodgers. "Just wait, wait, wait … epidural, hold, wait, hold, time, 'Where are we at?' The deadline came at 3 o'clock, and I didn't even know. We looked up and she goes, 'Oh, it's 3:05.' I said 'Oh snap.' I looked up to see who got moved." Garza said he just had been playing with his kids the last couple of days and hasn't been "paying too much attention" to what's going on. "Just trying clearing my head a little bit," he said.