Among Adam DeSautels' responsibilities as an assistant coach at Westwind Preparatory Academy in Phoenix was helping players find spots at the next level. In September 2011, that meant posting on Blogspot, where he published scouting reports, one of which included a proclamation: DeSautels would be surprised if this particular Westwind player was not named an all-league defensive player at least once in his collegiate career.

When he talked to college coaches about this player, a defense-first, jump-out-of-the-gym combo guard, he could sense their hesitation. "It was weird," he said, because the film spoke for itself, and, as the player's English teacher, he didn't understand how anybody could meet the kid and not like him. Convincing the coaches to make the trip was "like pulling teeth."

To this day, DeSautels cannot explain why there was such little interest in Gary Payton II. You'd think the son of a Hall of Famer would be overhyped, not underrecruited.

"I couldn't even get the Big Sky to come look at Gary," DeSautels said. "His name's Gary Payton and he's athletic. So, one, that means I'm a terrible salesperson, but, two, he wasn't really somebody that people took that seriously."

Payton was 19 when he got to Salt Lake Community College, 23 when he went undrafted out of Oregon State and 29 when his one-year contract with the Golden State Warriors was guaranteed last Monday. Until recently, he was on the fringes, playing in the G League and summer league, on two-ways and 10-days, never finding a way to stick with one NBA team from training camp to Christmas.