The Kevin Garnett to the Clippers deal for DeAndre Jordan is indeed dead, but not because of either team's lack of interest. A league source tells that a deal involving Garnett and Jordan would not get league approval because it would be viewed as a "side deal" in connection with Doc Rivers, pending league approval, becoming the next coach of the Los Angeles Clippers. The C's and Clippers came to an agreement on Sunday which will let Rivers out of the final three years and $21 million of his contract with the Celtics, in exchange for the Clippers' first-round pick which is unprotected. Prior to reaching a deal, there were several discussions that involved a Garnett-for-Jordan swap in addition to the deal for Rivers. While the two would have had to be done as two separate deals, the league views such a trade as a "side deal" in connection with the Rivers deal and that is against league rules.