Kevin Garnett tried his best to unwind this weekend. He really did. But as hard as he tried to focus on letting his hair down (which is funny sounding when used as a description for a totally bald dude), there was this nagging thought that would never quite go away. It was the upcoming road trip that begins Tuesday in Denver. "Everything was cool (during All-Star weekend)," Garnett said after the East lost 143-138 to the Western Conference all-stars. "But in the back of my mind, thinking about Denver on Tuesday and Lakers on Wednesday and the schedule and what it's about to be in the second half." Boston opens with the Nuggets and Lakers, two teams that the C's beat during their recent run of eight victories in the last nine games. But each of those games was against a Rajon Rondo-less roster that teams had not really seen for an extended period of time. The Celtics will now face teams that have seen first-hand how different they are without Rondo, and will likely make adjustments accordingly to try and slow down Boston's momentum. "Mentally you have to be ready for Denver," Garnett said. "Their pace is incredible, especially at home. We just have to be ready. That's what it is."