If Kevin Garnett is pondering retirement at the end of the season, he hasn't spoken to Danny Ainge about it. In the wake of last night's comments by Garnett, in which he said his 14th All Star Game appearance this coming Sunday in Houston will be his last, Ainge, the Celtics President of Basketball Operatons, responded to a text message this morning asking if Garnett had spoken to him about retiring . Ainge responded no, indicating they have not spoken about it. Garnett, who has two years remaining on his contract, raised some eyebrows and sparked speculation last night when he said: "This is definitely my last All-Star Game. Y'all don't know what I know. I'm more than grateful, and I'm not going to act like I have more All-Star Games in me. I'll enjoy this one with friends and family. That's what I meant." "I'll have no feelings whatsoever," Garnett responded, when asked about Sunday's game. "I always enjoy each All-Star Game. I'm not a guy who is going to show too much emotion at that time. The All-Star Game for me is more for friends and family. You always have that wild-assed uncle who shows his ass, you always have that friend you always have to pull to the side and have that little conversation (with). It's a fun time."