Future Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett and talent-laden Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins are two of the NBA's more, um, "talkative" players. So of course the big men are both going to talk quite a bit about a subject that we didn't even deign to talk about here at Ball Don't Lie – the NBA's selections for February's Rookie/Sophomore contest, to be held on All-Star weekend. DeMarcus was rightfully ticked that diminutive Sacramento point guard Isaiah Thomas wasn't selected for the sophomore side. Kevin Garnett? He busted out his tinfoil hat as a way defending teammate (and bro for life) Jared Sullinger, who was passed over for a spot on the rookie squad. From WEEI: "Really? I'm actually shocked," Garnett said. Then he expanded upon those thoughts. "It doesn't surprise me," he said. "This league has, I guess, an agenda in what they want. And Jared's not in that agenda. I hope it creates a monster within him. I hope it does everything [to] encourage him." Yikes, "an agenda?" Is Jared Sullinger suddenly the NBA's newest bad boy? Does the league really hate featuring hard working rookies wearing really cool uniforms during an exhibition game featured on basic cable on a Friday night? Sullinger was passed over, more than likely, in favor of another hard-working rookie wearing a cool uniform: Cleveland's Tyler Zeller. Zeller has played solid enough this season – over eight points and six rebounds a contest while starting nearly half of his team's games, working through a broken cheek suffered in the first week of the season. Zeller plays over eight more minutes per game than Sullinger does, which explains why Jared's six points and six boards in 20 minutes a contest don't match up. Per-minute, technically, Sullinger has been better.