Minshew Mania is once again running wild across the NFL after a brief spot start by Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Gardner Minshew. 

Starting in place of Jalen Hurts in Philadelphia's Week 13, 33-18 win over the New York Jets, Minshew fired off a reminder to NFL teams that he can be a stop-gap starter or possibly develop into a long-term option for a franchise with an uncertain quarterback situation. 

Granted, lighting up the 3-9 Jets and a defense that has allowed a league-worst 30.6 points per game isn't the most stunning development. But going 20-of-25 with 242 yards and two touchdowns on relatively short notice is still a nice feather in the proverbial cap for Minshew. 

A sixth-round pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2019, Minshew arrived in Philadelphia last August, with the Eagles sending a 2022 sixth-round pick (that could turn into a fifth based on playing time). He went 7-13 in Jacksonville, completing 62.9 percent of his passes with 37 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. 

While he's not an elite athlete and doesn't boast a booming arm, NFL teams often have problems finding quality starters, so it's safe to say there aren't 32 better starters than him in the NFL currently.