Tonight's matchup faces two teams in a pivotal bout with playoff aspirations at stake. Both teams face a steep, uphill battle to secure one of the final playoff spots in the Western Conference. I know the Suns aren't bereft of hope, however, as competing for a playoff spot was one of their main goals coming into the season. Either team may very well have to run the table to have any chance, so tonight's game is of paramount importance. On the off chance that neither of these teams ends up competing for a playoff spot as the season reaches its inexorable end, this game will shift gears and become a struggle between two lottery bound teams with the loser gaining the laurels. In that case, a win for the Suns could be a pyrrhic victory as it would put the Kings three behind in the loss column. Compelling basketball folks. If the Suns usurp the tyrannical autocrats, we cheer our revolting rebels (no, not that kind of revolting). If Sacramento plays the role of Helios, we get closer to becoming table tennis champions.