Whomever the Nuggets tab as their new coach was expected to be in a bind because of Gallinari, the team's No. 2 scorer, being out until the all-star break after having knee surgery for an ACL tear. That was the projection. But in a bizarre turn of events Friday, Gallinari posted a video of himself on his Facebook page, explaining in Italian that, upon having a second surgery this month, it was discovered that his left knee injury wasn't as bad as originally diagnosed. Italian journalist Davide Chinellato, who writes for La Gazzetta dello Sport, translated Gallinari's video and posted the quotes on Twitter. Chinellato tweeted that Gallo called it "great news" while also quoting Gallo as saying, "I underwent a healing response procedure, in which ligament is stimulated to respond naturally. ... This procedure changes completely my rehab and recovery time. But I'll inform you later about that." An NBA source later clarified to The Denver Post that Gallinari could return in December — the season traditionally starts in late October — and that the knee was "cleaner" than anticipated. The Steadman Clinic in Vail, where Gallo had the surgery, released a statement Friday night: "Danilo Gallinari had an arthroscopic procedure to promote healing of his ACL tear, which was found to be partially torn at the time of surgery. Dr. Steadman has performed over 2,000 of these procedures. We are hopeful that Danilo will return to basketball sooner than if he had a complete ACL reconstruction."