Shortly before Sunday's optional Avalanche practice began in earnest, Gabriel Landeskog briefly stepped onto the ice in ath- letic shoes and did a little stick handling. That was the extent of his public work, at least, and Colorado's young captain will remain on the injured list and unavailable for Monday night's home game against Dallas. His return to the lineup? "No timetable," said Avalanche coach Joe Sacco. Your guess is as good as mine. Or maybe even the doctors'. Meanwhile, as far as we know, Ryan O'Reilly remained in Ontario, unsigned, dealing with a foot injury and still waiting for his agent, Mark Guy, and Avalanche management to resume serious negotiations. That would require both sides to budge from attitudes that seem to have become more childish than professional. As I hear and read the point- counterpoint arguments about who's "right" in the O'Reilly-Avalanche standoff, it all sounds like an arbitration hearing. By that, I mean I'm convinced if they actually try to reach a compromise and produce a new deal for O'Reilly, they can do it in, oh, 14 minutes. But when it goes this far, both sides are to blame.