According to Peter Baugh of The Athletic, pending unrestricted free agent Gabriel Landeskog is looking for a long-term deal with the Colorado Avalanche. That said, talks between the team and the player’s side have yet to pick up. While it is expected negotiations will pick up soon, there has to a be a little concern that the 28-year-old winger, who has publicly stated he’d like to stick around, might have to move on to get the deal he wants.

While both sides want Landeskog to stay in Denver, the salary cap is posing a slight problem. The Avalanche need to maintain enough flexibility to re-sign Nathan MacKinnon, potentially offer Brandon Saad a new deal, plus work out a deal with stud defenseman Cale Makar. In terms of priorities, Landeskog likely ranks above Saad, but below MacKinnon and Makar. The reality is, if Landeskog is looking to sign the most lucrative contract he can this summer, that offer is probably not coming from the Avalanche.

Colorado’s captain offers that a lot more than just the 52 points he put up this past season. His leadership, his versatility and more make him an important piece of the Avs puzzle. Still, even if he were to simply stay with the team at his current rate — he is coming off a seven-year, $39 million contract — there might not be room considering the raises other players on this roster are pegged to get.