As is the case every year, plenty of NFL coaches enter the season under a lot of pressure to turn bad situations around. Which coaches fit that description in 2017? As a general rule, we’d like to leave rookie coaches off our list. One coach in his first year, however, is in a situation that’s just too pressure packed to ignore. Who is that rookie? What head coach’s future is pinned to a shaky quarterback? Which two coaches entering their third year with big-market teams are under the most pressure to turn it around? What coach faces the daunting task of turning a perennial loser into a respectable franchise? The following five NFL coaches are under most pressure to bail out sinking ships. Todd Bowles, New York Jets Bowles enters 2017 with shaky job security. In other news, the sun will rise in the east and set in the west. These just are things that we know. It’s really a wonder that Bowles even enters 2017 as the head coach of the Jets. The 2015 season ended in disappointment but overall, the 10-6 finish gave genuine hope for 2016. Instead, last season was just disastrous. New York went 5-11 and suffered through a steady stream of blowout losses. So going forward, what can Bowles do to keep his job? A solid record would go a long way, but we can say pretty confidently that that won’t happen. If New York can develop a good core group of players by the end of the year, Bowles might have a chance. But we’re not just talking about a couple of players or even a franchise quarterbback. We’re talking about a good nucleus of guys that can lead the Jets to the playoffs in future years. That’s going to be difficult to accomplish. The Jets are tanking in 2017. If the moves they made didn’t make that point abundantly clear, members of the team are saying as much. So, what chance does Bowles really have? Quite frankly, the odds don’t work in his favor.