Gabe Kapler was named the Giants new manager last night. Today he met the press.

Most of it was pretty run-of-the-mill. He wants to win. He knows he’s following a legend in Bruce Bochy and knows he can’t fill those shoes immediately, if ever. Kapler is usually pretty polished so it’s not surprising he said the right things about the job ahead of him.

But he did say something profoundly odd about one of the jobs behind him. The player development gig in Los Angeles during which he, infamously, tried to handle a sexual assault incident involving two Dodgers minor league players without telling police. It was an irresponsible decision at the time and it only came to light way after it happened and way after he got his job managing the Phillies. Today, then, was the first time he had to address it as a new hire, and this is what he went with: