Evgeni Malkin was offered a Russian translator and the famous Ottawa doughy treat known as Beaver Tail on Friday afternoon. He passed on both -- matter-of-factly regarding the translator. "I don't need a translator," a grinning Malkin said while being interviewed by Michael Landsberg, Canadian talk show host of the popular afternoon "Off The Record" program that is similar to ESPN's "The Sports Reporters." After a tour de force of interviews, mostly in English but some in his native Russian, Malkin wrapped his All-Star Game media day obligations by joining Landsberg for a live TV interview. TSN's Alyonka Larionov, who previously worked for the Penguins website, was part of the interview -- originally because producers presumed Malkin's English was not ready for prime time. Malkin showed yesterday he is prime time at an All-Star Game that will not feature either of the NHL's most-hyped players, Penguins teammate Sidney Crosby and fellow Russian Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals. Marian Hossa, who spent three months playing with Malkin and the Penguins in 2008, said Malkin "definitely" is ready to step into the spotlight as the so-called face of the NHL. "He's not there yet?" Hossa said. Malkin told the Tribune-Review in September that he felt more comfortable granting interviews because of his improved English, and he has willingly taken some media coaching from members of the Penguins communications staff. Upon arriving here Thursday, Malkin said he was ready for the media responsibility befitting a former scoring champion, playoff MVP and the current points leader and favorite for the Hart Trophy.