Cardinals leadoff man Rafael Furcal has hit six home runs — five against Milwaukee — since coming in a trade from the Los Angeles Dodgers on July 31. But until Friday night, he had no stolen bases for the Cardinals and had tried to steal just once. Furcal said he didn't know he was two steals short of 300 — one short after he stole second in the third inning against the Braves— but he had a couple of explanations as to why he hasn't run more. One is that he said he didn't want to risk being thrown out ahead of No. 3 hitter Albert Pujols. "When you've got a hitter like him," Furcal said, "if you're on first base, you're going to score, no matter what." Then, obliquely referencing his .215 batting average, Furcal said, "For you to steal a base, you've got to be on base — because you cannot steal first base. I haven't been getting on base a lot. "I don't know where those home runs are coming from. I don't want people to think I'm trying to hit a home run every time. All I can do is swing the bat. I don't know where the ball is going to go."