Indianapolis Colts fans aren't use to seeing fullbacks line up in the backfield on a regular basis. Next season though, that will all change under Pep Hamilton. Hamilton ran a west-coast style offense for the Cardinal, and as we all know was with Andrew Luck there as well. Expect the same system to be carried over to Indianapolis He was even called "The Andrew Luck Director of Offense" at Stanford, so it makes even more sense to bring him on board. Fullbacks are becoming a dying breed in the NFL. You see many teams going to spread offense looks utilizing a three WR or two TE set instead. A revitalization is on the horizon though for the fullbacks happening here in Indianapolis. As mentioned, Pep likes to use the fullback a ton on the field. This makes this position a need this off-season in either the draft or free agency. This is a good year to look at fullbacks this year as there will be a ton of good ones out there. Even some with some connections to the system. You can't even run the Spider 2 or Spider 3 Y Banana without a fullback on the field. As Jon Gruden told Andrew Luck last year on his draft special on ESPN, "You just can't throw the Venus on a Spider 3 Y Banana!" Here are some prospects in both the draft and free agency that the Colts could look at.