When drafting a player out of North America or any European country with a transfer agreement, a team acquires their exclusive negotiating rights for a set amount of time. Each year on June 1, a long list of players see those rights expire and become unrestricted free agents (or choose to re-enter the draft, depending on specific circumstances). This year, even though many other NHL deadlines have been shifted, CapFriendly reports that June 1 will still act as the threshold for expiring draft rights.

While this doesn’t always result in a flurry of signings in the last week of May, there are usually a few players who ink their deals at the last minute to stay in the organization that drafted them. With the deadline set for 4:00 pm CT next Monday, CapFriendly has provided a full list of players who will see those rights expire:

Arizona Coyotes

Dennis Busby (145th overall, 2018)
Patrick Kudla (158th overall, 2016)

Buffalo Sabres

Brett Murray (99th overall, 2016)
Philip Nyberg (129th overall, 2016)

Calgary Flames

Linus Lindstrom (96th overall, 2016)
Milos Roman (122nd overall, 2018)

Carolina Hurricanes

Luke Henman (96th overall, 2018)

Chicago Blackhawks

Wouter Peeters (83rd overall, 2016)
Mathias From (143rd overall, 2016)
Alexis Gravel (162nd overall, 2018)
Jake Ryczek (203rd overall, 2016)