When drafting a player out of North America or more European countries, a team acquires their exclusive negotiating rights for a set amount of time. Each year on June 1, a long list of players see those rights expire and they become unrestricted free agents. While this doesn’t always result in a flurry of signings in the last week of May, there are usually a few players who ink their deals at the last minute to stay in the organization that drafted them. With just over a week left on the clock, CapFriendly has provided a full list of players who will see those rights expire in the coming days:

Anaheim Ducks

Kyle Olson (122nd overall, 2017)

Arizona Coyotes

Noel Hoefenmayer (108th overall, 2017)

Boston Bruins

Cedric Pare (173rd overall, 2017)
Daniel Bukac (204th overall, 2017)

Calgary Flames

Zach Fischer (140th overall, 2017)
D’Artagnan Joly (171st overall, 2017)

Carolina Hurricanes

Brendan De Jong (166th overall, 2017)

Chicago Blackhawks

Radovan Bondra (151st overall, 2015)
John Dahlstrom (211th overall, 2015)

Colorado Avalanche

Gustav Olhaver (191st overall, 2015)

Columbus Blue Jackets

Veeti Vaini (141st overall, 2015)

Dallas Stars

Liam Hawel (101st overall, 2017)
Brett Davis (163rd overall, 2017)
Markus Ruusu (163rd overall, 2015)

Detroit Red Wings

Lane Zablocki (79th overall, 2017)
Zachary Gallant (83rd overall, 2017)
Cole Fraser (131st overall, 2017)
Reilly Webb (164th overall, 2017)
Brady Gilmour (193rd overall, 2017)