Ben McAdoo’s 40th birthday arrives Sunday with a dramatically new reality for a second-year head coach who not long ago was greener than the MetLife Stadium turf. Thirteen months back, McAdoo was a 38-year-old with big eyes and nothing to lose, coaching a 2016 team on a four-year playoff drought after two-time Super Bowl winning coach Tom Coughlin was pushed out the door. But following an 11-5 debut and a 2016 playoff berth, McAdoo suddenly faces heightened outside expectations: Simply making the playoffs won’t be sufficient. He’ll need to get Big Blue closer to putting “that fifth trophy in the case,” as the coach boldly stated to open his first training camp last July. One impressive quality of McAdoo’s is that he appears to have a work ethic beyond reproach, which likely accounts at least partially for the respect he has garnered in the locker room so far. “I don’t shut it down very easily,” McAdoo said at the end of minicamp in June, facing a six-week break before training camp opens July 28. “I am going to stay engaged and get a little bit done each and every day, whether it is on the offensive side of the ball reflecting on the pieces that we added, or taking a look at the defensive side of the ball and what we can do to help the defense there. “(I’ll be) looking at players and personnel and taking a look at the schedule and looking at how we can tweak things and make them a little bit better,” he added. “You never really shut it off; you just work from a different place.”